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Happy New Year 2022

  I congratulate all farmers on the Upcoming Year 2022. I wish you a big harvest in the new year, without dry days. Chia course for a million, and more good news.   Tags: 2022 News

Dezembro 31, 2022

CHIA Wallets

Overview of wallets for storing Chia and CATs tokens

Recently, many users are interested in where they can safely store the stuffed, purchased Chia. Such fears are not in vain, as we can see the trend that trust in centralized exchanges is disappearing. All this led to the bankruptcy of several large projects, exchanges all began to look in the direct

Dezembro 23, 2022

The Holiday NFTs are here!

The Chia Holiday 2021 NFTs are now available! You can redeem your corresponding CH21 CAT tokens for these limited edition NFTs by doing the following: Simply send one CH21 token (not XCH!) to the following address: xch184hksatuenaz5rddcj3kvdf3mjhs0ud5a47y90340vu8hq739q7sm2uhf6 That’s it! It’s TH

Dezembro 8, 2022

CHIA Wallets

The Chia team has released a beta version of a lightweight wallet with CATs support

The Chia development team has released a beta version of a lightweight wallet for Chia on Windows, Linux, macOS. The files are available on the official website of the project. A lightweight wallet will allow owners to work with assets without waiting for the download of the blockchain for the walle

Dezembro 3, 2022


Where were the 21 million prefarm chia coins moved to?

The recent news has stirred up the community a bit. Developers announced the transfer of all prefarm coins of Chia, and this is not a little and not a little 21 million XCH to four specially created wallets for storage. Why create new wallets? What’s wrong with the old ones? Existing web3 data

Novembro 30, 2022


Chia first news about Chia Asset Token — CATs

The first tokens Chia Asset Tokens — or CATs, have already hit the Testnet with very interesting names. SPACEBUCKS = { "asset_id": "78ad32a8c9ea70f27d73e9306fc467bab2a6b15b30289791e37ab6e8612212b1", "name": "Spacebucks", "symbol": "SBX", } MARMOT = { "asset_id": "8ebf855de6eb146db5602f0456d2f0cbe7

Novembro 25, 2022

NFTs: Exciting New Promises, Same Old Reality

Imagine you’re an artist. Oil on canvas. You’re just getting started, so you sell your paintings at a discount while you build your clout. Years go by, your audience grows, you keep creating. Finally, after decades of painting and hustling, your artwork is bringing in good money. One day an earl

Novembro 21, 2022


Silicoin description of the staking mechanism, token input and output

Good afternoon. Silicoin launched the network, but the start did not go completely smoothly, the first version of the client had a number of problems, from connecting to the network to withdrawing funds. Because of these problems, I did not publish this release, everything worked not that it was not

Novembro 18, 2022

CHIA Wallets

Chia 1.2.121 client update added third-party MadMax and Bladebit plotters

The new update of the Chia 1.2.11 client, which was released on November 5, brought a lot of joy to farmers and the community as a whole. 2 new plotters have been added, widely used in the Chia community: Bladebit created by @harold-b, and MadMax, created by @madMAx43v3r. Both of these plotters sign

Novembro 7, 2022

New Features Available with 1.6.1

Version 1.6.1 of the Chia reference client is now available for download. This update includes several exciting new features, which we’ll highlight in this post.  Download Offer Builder When we introduced NFTs to Chia’s ecosystem a few months ago, we only included the ability to offer them

Novembro 4, 2022

A New Home for the Prefarm

All 21 million XCH in Chia’s prefarm have been moved to four custom-built custody wallets. Why design new wallets from scratch? Existing web3 custody solutions rely on simple multisig contracts that can be drained of their funds in the event of a minor security breach. We knew we could do better.

Outubro 29, 2022

Beta Dev Tools: Blockchain Simulator, Chialisp VSCode Extension, and Bulk Minting

We know that writing code is never easy and doing it in a new language like Chialisp doesn’t make it easier, so we’re releasing beta versions of additional tools to support developers. Included in this release are three separate developer tool betas to make building in the Chia ecosystem simpler

Setembro 30, 2022

OCP and CDI Whitepaper: Data Sanitization Enabling the Circular Economy

Summary Chia co-authored a new whitepaper on the impact of data sanitization on the circular economy, suggesting a practical solution to data security and storage reuse. Read the whitepaper here. Background Shortly after the Chia mainnet launch, hard drives worldwide were sold out, prices increased,

Setembro 29, 2022

Enabling Data for Web3: Announcing Chia DataLayer

We use the web for rich, complex interactions: to engage with one another, to make purchases or to do business, for creating and storing, and for numerous other use cases. And we think of all these interactions on the web today as decentralized interactions among peers, facilitated by transparent an

Setembro 20, 2022

Chia x Akash Network = Plotting as a Service

How much does it cost to make a plot? What should be an easy calculation has a bit of nuance. I started creating a model with a three-year total cost of ownership for the plotting hardware, but the tricky part was how to treat the hardware utilization and depreciation. The higher the utilization o

Setembro 12, 2022

Cypherpunks in Sportcoats: Blockchain in the Real World

Cryptocurrencies and underlying blockchain technologies are going through a phase of euphoria – awareness is high and adoption is growing, but current use cases are often dubious. There’s confusion around the types of problems and applications that secure and sustainable public blockchains can a

Setembro 6, 2022

Chia Cranes

Chia Taps in 2022 «Is there life?!»

I haven’t been interested in this topic for a long time and decided to go through the search engine a little bit for actual Chia Taps. As they say, although the year is not over yet, but in general, not only for the project, but for the entire crypto industry, it is heavy and the...

Agosto 28, 2022


Updating scripts for mass installation, configuring Chia forks on Linux

For a long time I could not get together to write or do something useful… And so I gathered strength and spirit and decided to update the scripts for installation on linux, namely on Ubuntu 22.04. In general, the entire installation process remained the same as it was described in the article earl

Agosto 27, 2022

New Features Coming to 1.5.1

Version 1.5.1 of the Chia reference client is now available to download. This release includes some fun new features, which we’ll go through in this post. Business White Paper NFT Improvements NFT-for-CAT offers Version 1.4 introduced NFTs to Chia’s ecosystem. Chia NFTs are typically bought an

Agosto 23, 2022

Bringing Transparency and Efficiency to Carbon Markets

What if we could increase access and create real global inclusion in the carbon markets? What if we could establish clear standards and transparent pricing for a previously illiquid and obfuscated asset? What if we could establish “one”¹ price of carbon? We could increase funding for the high-

Agosto 17, 2022

Help Test BladeBit 2.0 with our New Chia Beta Program

Today, we are launching the Chia Beta Program, a new way for one of the largest and most decentralized communities in blockchain to help us test and refine the products we’re building at an unprecedented scale. The Beta Program represents an opportunity for the community to be involved in the dev

Agosto 8, 2022

Announcing Bladebit 2.0

Chia is releasing new plotting software called Bladebit Disk, utilizing the high-performance code from the in-memory plotter Bladebit, with a new architecture optimized for mainstream storage devices (solid state drives, and hard disk drives). Major new features include DRAM caching to reduce writes

CAT1 Vulnerability Explained – CVE and CWE

Part of our commitment to the security of the Chia blockchain and community is providing transparency around security and the lessons learned when a security incident is discovered. In this spirit, we will have a Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure (CVE) and Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) of

Julho 29, 2022

Upgrading the CAT Standard

Updated July 27, 2022 at 17:00 UTC ‎ Reissuance is Underway. Following the end of life (EOL) of CAT1 at block height 2,311,760 (at approximately July 26, 2022 at 9:00am PDT), we’re providing an update on the reissuance process and information on next steps for asset holders and asset issuers. A

Julho 25, 2022

1.4.0 – Introducing the Chia NFT1 Standard

Today, we’re pleased to announce the launch of the next milestone of our journey: The Chia NFT1 standard on mainnet. Our NFT0 testnet release in May outlined our vision for the future of NFTs – We are seeking to leverage Chia’s sustainable, inclusive, and compliant blockchain to enable and d

Junho 29, 2022

Why I joined a blockchain as CMO during “crypto winter”

☀️ A “crypto summer” school thesis I started learning about blockchain, crypto and web3 in January, after a surge of 2021 media activity that shouted, “Hey, start paying attention to this.” After months figuring out how to “speak crypto,” I realized that there are lots of low-quali

Junho 9, 2022

Cypherpunks in Sportcoats: The Fundamental Value of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains

In the not too distant past, a pack of the uninformed chanted “Blockchain not Bitcoin!” This was “proof of no IQ,” as a secure decentralized database, a blockchain, requires an incentive to compensate farmers/miners to validate transactions for third parties. Blockchains need cryptocurrency

Junho 8, 2022

Our Vision for Chia NFTs

In October 2021, Chia began exploring the NFT space and the role that we can play in it. We believe the Chia blockchain provides differentiated value through true digital ownership and Chia Offer Files that enable true decentralized trading. Coming from the video gaming industry, I innately unders

Maio 11, 2022

1.3.4 – Improved Token Management

We’ve done some remodeling on the GUI, so you’ll find that things have moved around. We’ve provided some notes and context (and GIFs!) for you to become familiar with the new GUI, which has incorporated community feedback and is structured to better support future features. Please take a look

Abril 19, 2022

Announcing Chia Dashboards

Today, I’m excited to announce the public release of our Chia Dashboards. The site currently has 3 dashboards providing a glimpse into the blockchain and peer network. We’re building this network together – the primary goal of these dashboards is to provide an accurate and third-party verifia

Abril 6, 2022

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