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CHIA Wallets

What should I do if all the coins from the Nucleus wallet are missing?!

What should I do if all the coins from the Nucleus wallet are missing?! More and more often users come with such a question. Recently, the Nucleus wallet for Chia is not stable. There is no connection to the network from what, the user’s balance is not visible. The reason why the wallet stoppe

Fevereiro 25, 2023

CHIA Wallets

Overview of wallets for storing Chia and CATs tokens

Recently, many users are interested in where they can safely store the stuffed, purchased Chia. Such fears are not in vain, as we can see the trend that trust in centralized exchanges is disappearing. All this led to the bankruptcy of several large projects, exchanges all began to look in the direct

Dezembro 23, 2022

CHIA Wallets

The Chia team has released a beta version of a lightweight wallet with CATs support

The Chia development team has released a beta version of a lightweight wallet for Chia on Windows, Linux, macOS. The files are available on the official website of the project. A lightweight wallet will allow owners to work with assets without waiting for the download of the blockchain for the walle

Dezembro 3, 2022

CHIA Wallets

Chia 1.2.121 client update added third-party MadMax and Bladebit plotters

The new update of the Chia 1.2.11 client, which was released on November 5, brought a lot of joy to farmers and the community as a whole. 2 new plotters have been added, widely used in the Chia community: Bladebit created by @harold-b, and MadMax, created by @madMAx43v3r. Both of these plotters sign

Novembro 7, 2022

CHIA Wallets

Urgently! Vulnerability in the Chia wallet, an urgent update is required!

A critical update of the Chia wallet has been released. In version 1.3.1 of the Chia wallet was A critical vulnerability has been discovered in the OpenSSL mechanism.  Using this vulnerability against the Chia node will allow an attacker to disable it. To eliminate it, it is recommended that all fa

Abril 2, 2022

CHIA Wallets

Chia Wallet Update 1.3.1

This update includes several bug fixes that appeared in version 1.3.0. Despite the fact that there is still a lot of work to be done, version 1.3.1 includes quite important fixes, so it’s worth installing the update as soon as possible. Added Added a check to make sure that the prefix of the w

Março 18, 2022

CHIA Wallets

Overview of the Chia Wallet Update version 1.3.0

Updating the Chia wallet to version 1.3 has brought a lot of new features. The program interface has been updated not only functionally, but also graphically. The farming wallet and the light wallet are now one wallet, before version 1.3 it was 2 different clients. The new Chia wallet now has 2 mode

Março 10, 2022

CHIA Wallets

Overview of Easy Chia Storage Wallets

Very often, reading telegram channels, messengers, I observe how people ask where to store Chia. Why users do not want to use the full version of the official Chia wallet is explained by a number of reasons, and the most probably affecting is the time to send you need to wait for the wallet to...

Março 7, 2022

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